Whether you invest a little in content or a lot, you only get full value from it if you’re repurposing your longer pieces for use across all channels. Once you own your content, it’s yours to reshape and bring to new audiences, so make the most of it. A single white paper or long-form article can fill your social media and other content channels for weeks.

The key to repurposing is to know what to highlight and where. You can’t condense a whole white paper into 280 characters, but Twitter lets you create polls that fire up your audience’s curiosity and lead them toward a download. Here are some other ideas your lead generation programs can benefit from turning a single channel’s content into a major omni-channel campaign.


If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then putting words and pictures together is even more powerful. Infographics are an almost irresistible way to impart knowledge at a glance. Take half a dozen or so statistics or findings from your long-form content, come up with a cohesive visual theme, incorporate them into an image, and you have a quick, shareable piece of content that goes anywhere you want to feature it.

Instagram Stories

Facebook’s Instagram Stories feature lets you turn long-form content into episodic bursts of insight that encourage readers to swipe through and learn more. You can fit more than you think into a 15-second video clip, especially with some judicious editing. The goal here is to refine and distill a concept until you have it in capsule form before filming your story. If your content doesn’t seem conducive to recording, then feature an interview about it or eye-catching animated text.

Pull Quotes

Twitter is just right for a sharp pull quote. Scan case studies and lengthier press releases for especially pithy quotes, or interview a subject yourself to get something worth sharing. Once you have your quote, let it be heard across all your social channels. On channels that give you more space, such as LinkedIn, surround it with a little explanatory text or offer a response of your own.

Older Blog Posts

Your blog is your organization’s library, so go ahead and dig into your archives for posts that relate to your current subject matter. For example,when we’re writing about email subject lines, we might mention the “One Weird Trick” article we published some time ago. The small uptick in traffic to an older post is just a bonus; the real juice comes from giving your audience deeper insight by connecting them to information they need to know. An educated lead is a sales-ready lead.

Feature “Best Of” Posts

If you’ve got more than one piece of long-form content that you want to optimize for efficiency in lead generation, “best of” and round-up pieces are outstanding ways to highlight them. Think of television series that do the occasional clip show, and you have the idea. If you can help it, always publish more than once in different forms. It’s by far the most efficient use of your content, and it’ll help streamline your overall lead gen process by channeling new leads into established nurture programs.