Tech gurus have a saying: Installation isn’t implementation. Buying your marketing automation software is just the beginning of using it effectively. We work with you to get the most from your marketing automation platform, centralizing your system’s CRM and optimizing your database before training your team to use your powerful new toolset to the fullest. One of the most important steps you can take toward implementation is choosing the right partner to onboard your team and provide support throughout the process.



[defined as]: Transferring functionality from legacy platforms to newer and more powerful software

Service Benefits

One of the biggest hurdles many businesses face when upgrading to a new marketing automation platform is what to do with the valuable data they already own, especially if it’s contained on isolated platforms. We build a centralized home for your data, normalize it, and then move it to its new location while maintaining its integrity. Our marketing automation all-stars will consolidate your CRM, email lists, prospect database, and sales records in one location to improve your workflow and ensure continuous customer care.

Port data automatically from most commercial platforms to your MAP
Transfer information quickly without time-consuming manual entry
Perform data hygiene processes while migrating data
Centralize data for ease of use and improved analytics
Transfer and improve all existing campaigns and templates


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[defined as]: Gathering and normalizing data across disparate databases within a master data warehouse

Service Benefits

Fractured data is only slightly better than no data at all. When your data isn’t easily accessible, you miss out on essential knowledge about your audience which hinders your ability to market effectively. We preserve the integrity of your data and turn it into actionable insights with database integration services. Put your valuable data to work when you bring it together into one powerful, multi-functional database. Host and automate all data transfers to and from your marketing automation platform and put your data to work for you while laying the foundation for future data applications.

Normalize and standardize data for optimal usability
Bring disparate knowledge together to forge new insights
Get the full value of your data by making it actionable
Automate data transfer and eliminate wasted effort


Choosing a Marketing Automation Vendor

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[defined as]: Installing, preparing, and customizing a marketing automation platform for optimal use

Service Benefits

To get the most from your marketing automation platform, it needs to learn more about your customers and how they interact with your business. Our MARKETING AI® system customizes your MAP to you while giving your team the tools they need to use the technology to the fullest. Whether you’re starting with a fresh install or optimizing a legacy system, our setup and configuration process is designed to support your success from the start. Our marketing automation experts will create campaign workflows, build initial email, landing page, and form templates, establish naming conventions and data governance rules, and design the infrastructure you need to easily build future campaigns.

Construct templates for email, landing pages, and forms
Develop data management policies and workflows for handling bounces, unsubscribes, other interactions
Establish naming conventions and system organization rules
Optimize structure and data flow


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[defined as:] Educate and prepare internal team to work with a marketing automation platform and optimize its utility

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Your business is unique, and so are your marketing automation needs. During training and education, we work one-on-one with your marketing automation team to establish what you want your technology to do for you and how to get the most from your system. We’ll train you in person or via webex to provide your personnel with the training they need for success. Organize your team and follow multiple training tracks, including education for admins, creative, campaign managers, analysts, and other specialized roles.

Prepare your personnel for success with the new software
Support your team with in-depth knowledge and training
Train in ways that suit your organization’s needs
Eliminate invalid links and troubleshoot your site

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