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Every business is unique, but B2B marketers often fail to honor that, instead adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. By speaking directly to individuals and their specific needs, you’re able to cut through the noise generated by the competition using personas. Customer personas are the solution to the problem of bland marketing, giving you deep insight into your prospects. Learn more than your customers’ names when you get complete, contextually relevant data. Firmographic appends speak to each lead’s individual role, company, industry, and organizational maturity level. Reach Marketing’s firmographic append process adds essential data elements to your customer and prospecting base to enable better personas and improve results.




[defined as]: The process in which we attach industry coding, specifically industry category, 2-digit SIC,  4-digit SIC and 7-digit SIC to your customer or prospect file.

Service Benefits

Organizations have different challenges that yield unique opportunities. As these companies seek custom-fit solutions that work within their distinct environments, marketers must speak to their specific needs. Our industry append process lets you achieve that goal of complete market personalization. Experience the power of big data to connect to your audience more completely than ever before through deeper understanding of their unique challenges. Whether it’s at a broad, industry-wide level or as granular as a single specialized group of companies, our append process will produce the business intelligence you need to succeed.

  • Improve personas capabilities
  • Identify unique opportunities
  • Address distinct challenges
  • Communicate as a market expert



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[defined as]: The process in which we append sales volume data, specifically from under $500,000 to over $1 billion to your customer or prospect file.

Service Benefits

Sales volume is just as important as company size in refining your marketing approach. By knowing more about an organization’s sales volume, you’re able to personalize communication on multiple levels so you can speak to your customers’ specific challenges. Our sales volume append process helps you tailor your message to reach businesses where they live – their revenue generation. Reach fresh new start-ups, rapidly growing firms, mature organizations, and multi-national corporations with marketing campaigns designed to meet their unique needs with better business intelligence.

  • Engage through personas
  • Provide relevant expertise
  • Illuminate unique opportunities
  • Identify solutions of specific challenges


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[defined as]: The process of flagging the records within your database with a digital address identification or IP Address which is then used to serve banner advertisements to anyone at that location.

Service Benefits

Business decision-makers have gone digital, spending more of their work hours communicating online than ever before. Digital marketing allows you to reach them in their virtual workplaces, making a sound online marketing strategy must for today’s marketer. IP addresses speak volumes about your prospects’ online identity, region, and activity. With IP address append services, you target and connect with your audience via display ads on websites they already visit. Reach Marketing’s inclusive database enables high match rates for IP addresses, maximizing engagement for your digital advertising campaigns.

  • Reach your target audience directly with IP addresses
  • Gain insight into firmographic and geographic data
  • Target prospects everywhere on the web
  • Build brand recognition

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