Data Enrichment

All marketers know that the key to growing your business is about getting your company’s information delivered into the hands of your prime prospect. We’ll help you succeed with our marketing database hygiene and enrichment process. Our patented ReachVerifyTM system will transform your data into a marketing powerhouse. When you market to complete, accurate, and clean customer and prospecting records, you’ll set your business on the road to success.

  • Data Hygiene

    • Email Hygiene
    • Postal Hygiene
    • Telephone Standardization
    • Reactivation
  • Contact Append

    • Email Append
    • Reverse Append
    • Individual Contact Append
    • Cookie
  • Firmographic Append

    • Industry, SIC 2 & 4 Digit Append
    • Employee Size Append
    • Sales Volume Append
    • IP Address
  • Demographic Append

    • Lifestyle Append
    • App Download Append
    • Household Append
    • Basic Demographic

Lead Generation

Successful sales depend on the amount of demand your organization can generate. Build demand for your products and service while generating high-quality, conversion-ready leads to fill your sales pipeline. Our inbound and outbound audience development resources let you engage with your customers more effectively while omni-channel prospecting to generate new customers. We’ll build an aggressive demand & lead generation program to speed your company’s growth as higher quality leads produce faster sales generation.

  • Outbound Marketing

    • Email List Licensing
    • List Management
    • Audience Development
    • ReachBase
  • Inbound Marketing

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Display Advertising Network
    • Social Media
  • Content Marketing

    • Custom Content
    • Newsletter Content Creation
    • White Paper Content Creation
    • Promotional Content Creation
  • Web & HTML Design

    • Email Marketing Templates
    • HTML Design
    • Website Design
    • Website Maintenance

Database Marketing

Today’s marketing database is the engine that drives your ability to produce, analyze and replicate success. Our simple, secure system will centralize, normalize and optimize your data to give you all the tools necessary to feed your sales and marketing strategy. You’ll also increase sales and reduce costs with our smart email marketing tools. If you don’t have an email database, our specialists can append email information to your customer records so you can engage with your customers effectively. We’ll even help you create effective, attractive programs that get your message into the hands of the right prospects at the right time.

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse

    • Marketing AI®
    • Data Warehouse Architecture
    • Data Integration
    • Data Mining/ Data Mart
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

    • Data Standardization
    • Duplicate Identification
    • Data Validation
    • Database Mapping
  • Email Deployment

    • Full Service Fulfillment
    • Dedicated Infrastructure
    • Reply-To Management
    • Data On-Boarding
  • Business Intelligence

    • Dashboards
    • Custom Reports
    • Ideal Customer Profile
    • Modeling

Sales & Marketing Automation

With Reach Marketing‘s sales and marketing automation process, you’ll attract qualified visitors, assign prospects, engage your leads, close new high-value customers, produce key performance reporting, and build on success after success like never before. Our marketing automation technology uses artificial intelligence to serve your audience the most appropriate content through the most effective marketing channels for their stage of the buying cycle. Using MARKETING AI® technology makes your offers relevant and timely to each prospect, increasing your conversion rates and customer retention dramatically. With our complete turnkey solution, your MARKETING AI® platform will guide your sales leads through every stage of the lead lifecycle from first-time visitors to final conversion.

  • Implementation

    • System Migration
    • Database Integration
    • Setup & Configuration
    • Training & Education
  • Custom Development

    • JavaScript
    • HTML/CSS
    • 3rd Party Platform Integrations
  • Sales & Marketing Integration

    • CRM Integration
    • Nurture Campaigns
    • Lead Lifecycle
    • Analytics
  • Operations & Consulting

    • System Health Check
    • Campaign Execution
    • Program Templates
    • Email Deliver ability Optimization

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