With Reach Marketing‘s sales and marketing automation process, you’ll attract qualified visitors, assign prospects, engage your leads, close new high-value customers, produce key performance reporting, and build on success after success like never before. Our marketing automation technology uses artificial intelligence to serve your audience the most appropriate content through the most effective marketing channels for their stage of the buying cycle. Using MARKETING AI® technology makes your offers relevant and timely to each prospect, increasing your conversion rates and customer retention dramatically. With our complete turnkey solution, your MARKETING AI® platform will guide your sales leads through every stage of the lead lifecycle from first-time visitors to final conversion.



The Pinnacle of a Unified Database Integrated with Sales & Marketing

Actionable Insights that Drive Business Growth

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System Migration

Manage transition from existing ESP/MAP/CRM/CMS to ensure seamless operations and workflow improvements

Database Integration

Host and automate all data transfers bi-directionally from MAP

Setup & Configuration

Optimize setup, naming conventions and create operational campaigns for successful MAP deployment

Training & Education

Customize training based upon your usage of MAP and unique business model

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Custom Development


Initiate and leverage APIs to extend MAP’s functionality


Advanced form development and customized tracking scripts for improved functionality


Create responsive, guided landing page and email templates that render properly across all devices, browsers and email clients

3rd Party Platform Integrations

Facilitate the integration of 3rd party platforms (ESP, CRM, CMS, Data Warehouse, CDP, etc.) using a variety of techniques including real-time web services and file transfers

Sales & Marketing Integration

CRM Integration

Establish bi-directional sync between your preferred CRM and MAP

Nurture Campaigns

Create multi-stage nurture programs to personalize communications with your audience

Lead Lifecycle

Develop customized scoring and content workflows to optimize sales funnel


Build advanced reports to measure and track KPIs

Operations & Consulting

System Health Check

Complete MAP implementation evaluation to identify current usage and improvement opportunities

Campaign Execution

Full-service email campaign setup, optimization, testing, and deployment by email specialist

Program Templates

Streamline the execution of event and email campaigns through our custom modular templates

Email Deliverability Optimization

Assess, monitor and implement email deliverability best practices to ensure inbox email deliverability and penetration

Sales & Marketing Automation Solutions For Every Company

Fundamental Advanced Enterprise
Expert Professional Services Hours (Monthly) 22 50 80
Marketing Automation Discovery & Assessment

Marketing Automation is an incredibly powerful tool if it’s set-up and used properly. To ensure your MAP is ready for success, we analyze your current platform structure. Our discovery and assessment process looks at your current system’s state of integration and optimization and allows us to identify the necessary steps to ensure its optimal use.

Data Management & Strategy
Data Governance Strategy
Lead & Customer Data Hygiene Check
Lead & Customer Data Append Quarterly
Duplication Elimination Quarterly
Data Normalization
Customer Data Profile
Customer Persona Development
Integrated Marketing Database

Data management includes all the essential data hygiene and append services that ensure high data quality. With the fundamental package, you get better data and regular updates. Our advanced and enterprise choices also include data normalization and customer care that gives you deeper insight into your audience.

Outbound Lead Prospecting
ReachBase Outbound Lead Augmentation
— Feeds your marketing automation platform
up to 25k contacts monthly up to 50k contacts monthly up to 100k contacts monthly

Your MAP needs an audience, and this program provides ample access to it. Deliver your brand and marketing message to this exceptionally targeted and highly responsive audience of business professionals and residential spending decision makers. Choose your level of outreach and scale your lead prospecting to your business.

Creative Design
Responsive Email Templates
Web & Landing Page Design

Get noticed with leading-edge creative content and responsive design in your prospects’ web pages and in-boxes. Our creative design all-stars are ready to build responsive email, website, and landing page templates that let you generate fresh new campaigns quickly and easily.

Inbound Lead Generation
Website Visitor & Referral Source Tracking Basic Advanced Advanced
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing

Target prospects when they are searching for your products and services through SEO/SEM offerings while getting the facts and figures on who’s engaging with you as part of our inbound lead generation program. Visitor and source tracking is part of our basic package, and enterprise investments also get a full range of SEO/SEM analytics to gain even more audience knowledge.

Automation Engine
Automation Evaluation and Strategy
Outbound Email Marketing
Event Triggering & Flows
A/B Testing Basic Advanced Advanced
Lead Scoring Basic Advanced Advanced
Nurture Engagement & Transition Strategies Basic Advanced Advanced
Real-time Personalization email email email + web

We offer marketing automation management throughout the lead lifecycle from initial strategy development to testing to personalization. Nurture programs help prospects transition from new lead to a loyal buyer with our complete automation engine packages.

Content Development & Engagement
Content Strategy & Planning
Blogs & Newsletters
Social Media
Whitepapers & eBooks
Case Studies, Webinars & Videos

If content is king, our content creation and engagement program gives you the keys to the castle with compelling blogs and newsletters, a strong social media presence, and in-depth white papers. Choose your level of content development from planning your editorial calendar to creating a complete content library that builds your industry authority.

Marketing Analytics Standard Custom Custom
Customizable Reporting Engine
Marketing Success Dashboard

Data is more than numbers. It tells a story. With our marketing analytics program, your organization becomes the narrative’s main character. Learn about your audience, spot trends as they happen, and evaluate your successes so you can repeat them with improved analytics.

Marketing / Sales Integration
Marketing / Sales Alignment Strategies
CRM Integration

Get your sales and marketing teams on the same page with a comprehensive sales and marketing solution that puts all your data in one central location. Sync your CRM with your marketing automation platform, or drill deeper by including complete sales/marketing integration strategies.