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In this fast-paced information-rich marketplace automation becomes the key to an opportunistic organization. Especially now that the buyer is nearly in complete control of the buying process, it’s imperative that you identify your audience, heed their buy signals and communicate each opportunity seamlessly between your marketing and sales teams. Sales/marketing integration connects your CRM and marketing automation platform to a centralized database, eliminating these missed signals and allowing your sales and marketing teams to work together toward your organization’s goals. As important as integration is, many companies aren’t sure how to achieve it. Our team of MarTechs will integrate sales and marketing platforms and processes so you can effortlessly capitalize on every single opportunity.



[defined as]: Making the sales team’s Customer Relationship Management software a fully connected part of the centralized sales and marketing platform.

Service Benefits

Your sales and marketing personnel communicate best when they’re speaking the same language. CRM integration puts all your data in one place and removes roadblocks to communication with a holistic solution to the challenges of aligning these key departments. Our sales/marketing integration teams are experienced with Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and even custom-built CRMs. We’re also experienced with many marketing automation platforms including Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua to put today’s most flexible customer account management software at your fingertips.

Configure native CRM sync adapters for real-time updates
Gain insight into your audience with a centralized database
Give your sales and marketing teams equal access to powerful data-driven insight
Resolve software conflicts to create a fully functional sales and marketing platform


Sustainable Growth

Develop sales readiness

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[defined as]: Building relationships with prospects to bring them to a greater state of sales-readiness and help them make informed buying decisions

Service Benefits

In today’s digital marketplace, prospects already do much of their own research – often before the sales team knows their identity. Lead nurture campaigns plug you into the information pipeline early in the relationship so you can educate prospective buyers about your brand and prepare them for a sale. We develop customized nurture programs for you based on audience analysis and state-of-the-art lead scoring tools. Nurtured leads move through your sales funnel more quickly and efficiently, reaching the sales team well-informed and ready to buy.

Optimize ROI on lead generation and acquisition
Build fully customized nurture flows from conceptualization to content to execution
Shorten your sales cycle by making it more efficient
Improve customer satisfaction with personalized content


Making Direct Mail Work for B2B

Nothing Cuts Through the Clutter Like Direct Mail, No Exceptions!



[defined as]: The total length of the buying journey and all its stages from initial contact to established customer relationships

Service Benefits

When you understand the full scope of lead lifecycles, you’re able to meet leads along the way in their buying journey and offer them the guidance they need to reach buying decisions in your favor. Customized lead scoring programs and content flows optimize your sales funnel and your connection to leads, delivering precisely the right message to the right audience at the right time. Our lead lifecycle development program includes audience analytics, lead scoring, and alerts for your sales team to let them know as soon as a lead becomes sales-qualified.

Find and nurture prospects sooner with a lead lifecycle strategy
Connect with your audience at every stage of the lead lifecycle
Keep more of the leads you attract by understanding their changing needs
Score leads using customized metrics that focus on what matters most to your bottom line


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[defined as:] Identifying and reporting on the measurable elements of audience development and response, including website traffic, conversion rates, and other KPIs, to optimize revenue

Service Benefits

When it comes to marketing campaigns and sales approaches, how do you know what’s working? You look at the numbers with analytics. Distilling your marketing efforts into hard data reveals the cause-and-effect relationships that underlie every interaction with your prospects and customers. Our advanced custom reports measure key performance indicators, monitor changes in audience response, and incorporate historical data to spot trends as they form.

Customize dashboards for audience insights at a glance
Use revenue cycle analytics to understand data over time
Set data-driven alerts so you can respond in real time to changes
sales and marketing teams work together by giving them access to key stats

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