Complete your database with postal address information

Connecting with leads digitally puts you in instant contact, but your email list can also put you in touch with prospects offline. Accurately link names, postal addresses, telephone numbers and rich firmographic and demographic data to your customer email records with reverse append. Effective reverse appends can yield match rates as high as 45 percent of your customer file, each appended with valid contact, firmographic and demographic data from the most accurate omni-channel database, ReachBase.

The Reach Marketing reverse append process:

After receiving your email file, we perform essential data hygiene on it.
We then search ReachBase’s extensive records to match your email addresses with other key contact information, including contact names, company names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, as well as firmographic and demographic data.
We deliver your expanded database with the new, verified data from ReachBase, along with a full report of the append process.
You pay only for matched records.

Reverse Email Append Pricing

If your customer file input is: The price paid for valid postal addresses added to your customer file is:
Up to 75,000 names $400 per thousand
75,001 – 300,000 $300 per thousand
301,000 – 600,000 $250 per thousand
601,000 – 1,000,000 $200 per thousand
1,000,001- 5,000,000 $125 per thousand
Over 5,000,000 $ 90 per thousand


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