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It isn’t enough to amass data. You also need a centralized and fully integrated database to enable your marketing and sales efforts with business intelligence and programmatic marketing. An enterprise data warehouse drives business decisions founded in real-time knowledge while allowing instant access to data from anywhere in your files. This will empower your data management team to derive deeper insight with more information resulting in greater return on investment. Our data warehouse product is the foundation of our Marketing AI solution and functions as the brain that orchestrates all marketing decisions.



[defined as:] The synthesis of marketing technology, human ingenuity, and learning capability in a centralized format

Service Benefits

We literally wrote the book on MARKETING AI®, our proprietary system of fusing human intellect with machine learning to deliver complete customer care at every phase of the lead lifecycle. Your Marketing AI is greater than the sum of its parts because it also incorporates human insight, giving you unparalleled predictive power and the ability to see change before it happens.

Build a detailed and precise account-based marketing program
Centralize, normalize, and organize all data for easy access by any of your teams
Understand what motivates your prospects’ buying decisions
Deliver customer care your competition won’t be able to match


Account–Based Marketing: From Theory to Practice

Discover the next step in the evolution of targeted, marketing – account-based marketing.



[defined as]: The structure, security, and function of a collection of data, plus the set of rules for handling incoming information

Service Benefits

Just as a library needs a physical structure and an organizational system to support its function, a database needs virtual architecture to make it accessible yet secure. Because data is only as useful as your access to it, our data warehouse architects custom-build the virtual environment where your data is stored, maintaining its organizational structure and ensuring that incoming data is handled efficiently and actionable insights are produced in real-time.

Put all your valuable data to use
Maintain the quality of incoming data
Deploy data hygiene and data normalization
Build database architecture that’s scalable


Unify and Conquer Your Way to Success

See How a Unified Database Produced Greater Results in 7 Key Metrics

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[defined as]: Bringing together data from multiple creation points into a unified whole while knocking down walls that keep information isolated

Service Benefits

The most important predictor of customer engagement is customer knowledge, yet too many organizations don’t tap into the wellspring of insight their own data offers them. Total database integration brings your existing data out of isolation and turns it into a uniquely powerful tool for engagement. Whether you’re working with a newer platform or a legacy CRM, our sales and marketing integration consultants align and synchronize your system so it becomes accessible to your entire organization.

Improve prospect and customer insight by integrating data
Create more effective knowledge-based lead nurture programs
Increase revenue with shorter, more efficient sales cycles
Discover new relationships between data sets


B2B Buyer’s Journey

The road ahead

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[defined as]: Drilling deeply into existing data sets and analyzing information to derive new prospect and customer insights
[defined as:] MART: Subset of centralized database designed to provide data access to specific businesses, teams and users within an organization

Service Benefits

Your relationship with your prospects is an epic tale built on a vast number of interactions, and every interaction adds more detail to the story. When accessing a master database, what you don’t see is often as important as what you see. Data marts act as lenses, allowing your organization’s departments to focus on what matters most to them while remaining connected to the central database. Data mining gives you a deeper understanding of that narrative by revealing your prospects’ demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data as well as the relationships between data sets. Our database services team builds customized data marts that prioritize information for you, enhancing the functionality of each business unit as well as making new data accessible to you, allowing you to learn even more about what moves your buyers.

Highlight key data for each team to maximize efficiency
Improve response times by distilling information geared to users
Stay connected to the central database while making information more accessible
Discover patterns in data sets that reveal underlying trends

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