Email Hygiene



Deliverable Analysis

We identify the accuracy, deliverability and threat rates of every email record in your database to ensure you are always deploying safely and accurately.


Deliverable Report

We classify all of your email records into four key categories: deliverable, undeliverable, duplicates and threats.


Reach Marketing will analyze and process an email list identifying the following categories:

Failed Email Structure Validation/Key Failure

These records have been identified as containing keywords which are flagged as being indicative of a trap or screamer. In addition, this includes records that are not structured like an email address.

Disposable Email Address

Domains that are solely used by people to sign up for something then never used again. These accounts are typically automatically deleted after a certain amount of time and provide a one on one relationship between an email address and subscription. Deploying to these will allow the recipient to identify the source of the marketing message. These records should not be deployed to.

Known Hard Bounces/Pinged Hard Bounces

These records have previously been deployed by Reach Marketing or have been “pinged” and have received a hard bounce classification. These records should not be deployed to.

Spam Trap/Mole Record

Identified known mole/trap records and domains, as well as suspected/higher risk records. This process also includes suppression of records within domains known to feed data upstream to 3rd party SPAM monitoring services. We strongly recommend suppressing all records within this category. The risk is not worth any reward in deploying them.

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