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Email Marketing is recognized as the most important channel because it continuously offers the highest ROI and the lowest barrier to entry of any marketing channel, but to unleash its true power, you need an effective deployment strategy. We’ve been in the business of email deployment since the birth of email marketing, and we’re ready to handle every aspect of it from template creation to campaign analytics. Put our knowledge of the nuts and bolts of email deployment to work for you.



[defined as]: A comprehensive email deployment program that includes set-up, testing, optimization, deployment, and analytics

Service Benefits

When you want to unlock the power of the most dominant marketing channel available, you turn to the experts that have been in this business since email’s inception. There is both an art and science to continuously executing effective campaigns. We’ll build up your email database and improve your email effectiveness to deliver maximum returns on every campaign. We monitor your IP, sending domain, messaging, links, landing pages, and spam traps to give you the best possible results. Each client is assigned a dedicated email expert to handle the complete e-blast process, which takes the burden off of you and puts the entire workload and squarely in our knowledgeable hands.

Build a cohesive email presence with a full-service fulfillment program
Free your time for other facets of your business
Enjoy some of the email marketing industry’s highest deliverability rates
Expand your mailing list as your business grows


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[defined as]: Sending domains and IP addresses that are unique to a specific user instead of being shared in a pool environment

Service Benefits

A dedicated IP address gives you and your email marketing company complete control over your email Sender Score, a mark of email service providers’ trust in your brand. With dedicated infrastructure, your email bears your organization’s name, instilling greater trust in your message resulting in higher inbox penetration rates. Our email marketing experts will set up a dedicated IP address to ensure that you maintaining the highest reputation possible.

Establish your brand’s instant name recognition with a dedicated IP address
Get input from our email deliverability experts on maximizing your Sender Score
Gain greater control over your email deployment with dedicated infrastructure
Improve deliverability and in-box penetration


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[defined as]: Coordination, automation, and oversight of reply button incoming email

Service Benefits

Ideally, your email marketing communications should feel like a one-on-one conversation with your customers and prospects, but maintaining thousands of conversations at once becomes a challenge without management. With our reply-to management services, we set up a systematic process to help you identify and respond appropriately to reply button inbound emails. Through autoresponse and confirmation emails, your leads are assured of the steady communication that helps build lasting business relationships.

Experience the assurance that all replies are being identified and managed
Automate triggered emails to provide on-demand service to your leads
Ensure that every sales opportunity is addressed timely
Future-proof your site so it always stays fresh and current


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[defined as:] The ability to securely engage with dormant or purchase email data

Service Benefits

You have data in your database that has become dormant, but how do you re-engage with them? When do you know it’s worth investing in re-engagement? You want to significantly increase your email database, but how do you securely bring in additional email records when you don’t have a relationship with recipients? Our experience with email marketing reveals the answers to these questions and more. We have a proven on-boarding program that swiftly and securely brings forth data from our outreach platform until leads engage with your content, which is then moved into your customer database. Our proprietary system works in 3 methodical stages: Ingest, Engage, Infuse.

Re-engage with dormant records
Significantly increase your email database
Increase your footprint within your desired markets
Maximize email marketing revenue capabilities

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