Today’s marketing database is the engine that drives your ability to produce, analyze and replicate success. Our simple, secure system will centralize, normalize and optimize your data to give you all the tools necessary to feed your sales and marketing strategy. You’ll also increase sales and reduce costs with our smart email marketing tools. If you don’t have an email database, our specialists can append email information to your customer records so you can engage with your customers effectively. We’ll even help you create effective, attractive programs that get your message into the hands of the right prospects at the right time.


The Pinnacle of a Unified Database Integrated with Sales & Marketing

Actionable Insights that Drive Business Growth

Asses the Benefits

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Marketing AI®

Harness the power of a centralized database and sophisticated marketing technology in a learning-capable AI

Data Warehouse Architecture

Experience a Data Warehouse structured to accommodate your distinct data sources and marketing needs

Data Integration

Enjoy the benefits of a cohesive database that combines data from various sources

Data Mining/Data Mart

Discover patterns and clusters in data, and then reveal these patterns in data marts geared to each department

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Data Standardization

Standardize postal address, phone numbers, while repairing malformed email addresses.

Duplicate Identification

Create unique individual and site identification to eliminate data duplication

Data Validation

Experience improved deliverability through data validation and record updating routine.

Database Mapping

Improved access to data through standardized and master field unification

Email Deployment

Email Marketing Service

Allow our email deliverability experts to set-up, optimize, test, and deploy all of your campaigns

Dedicated Infrastructure

Improve your deliverability and in-box penetration by maintaining a dedicated IP

Reply-To Management

Experience the assurance that all replies are being identified and managed

Data On-Boarding

Safe structure that allows for aggressive data acquisition and growth

Business Intelligence


Easily identify trends and activity through various dashboard views

Custom Reporting

Generate customized reports that produce actionable insights across key performance indicators

Ideal Customer Profile

Establish your ideal customer footprint to enable cloning and pintpoint targeting


Identify clusters within your target market that will generate the greatest impact