[defined as]: The process in which we take your offline/postal customer and prospect files and append a working email address to each contact record.

Service Benefits

Email marketing is the most critical component of every marketing strategy. Email is immediate, direct and trackable, making it the most popular way business professionals and consumers communicate.

The rising cost of postage, printing and mailing makes staying in touch with clients prohibitively expensive and has significantly increased the importance of email marketing. The companies that execute the most effective email marketing strategies dominate their respective industries and edge out their competition.

  • Substantially increase customer retention by sending relevant, timely, cost-effective email communications
  • Reduce business costs by driving your customers to your website
  • Improve conversion rates by combining email, direct mail, and telemarketing strategies
  • Improved Channel Effectiveness
  • Jump-start social marketing strategies


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[defined as]: The process in which we take your email only records and append full contact (name, company, postal address and phone number) and firmographic or demographic information to each record.

Service Benefits

An effective reverse email append service will allow you to communicate with your customers through multiple touch points, better segment your database based on location, and attach firmographic information such as SIC and job function to records so you can understand your customers better.
Reach Marketing starts with superior business information. No other product or service can match our proprietary data and technology for quality, accuracy, sophistication, append rates, and ease of use. Our postal data is also certified by CASS for accurate delivery.

  • Improve conversion rates by combining email, direct mail, and telemarketing strategies
  • Create a more detailed customer profile for better ROI potential
  • Use direct mail to drive your customers to your website and promote your social marketing strategies

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Your customer/prospecting list is only as good as the data it contains.

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