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In the information age, knowledge is power. Business intelligence acts as a force multiplier for that power, allowing companies to turn data into insight and insight into action. Through technology and data analytics, business intelligence allows organizations to make their most important decisions on the basis of solid reporting, not guesswork. Our business intelligence services give you clear, concise information on interest and demand. Pinpoint your best customers, find more just like them, and develop new markets with accurate business intelligence.



[defined as]: Reports that deliver distilled data and analytics at a glance via graphics, charts, and tables

Service Benefits

Car manufacturers spend a great deal of time and effort designing streamlined, appealing dashboards – and so do we. It’s vital for drivers to get real-time feedback quickly, and we know it’s just as important for businesses to have sales and marketing dashboards that fill the same purpose. When you’re making mission-critical decisions, you need accurate data quickly. With our custom designed dashboards, you get the business intelligence that fuels your success in a concentrated format.

Get a real-time look at performance
Define benchmarks for success and illustrate them on your dashboard
Right-size your database dashboard for your sales and marketing teams
Organize information for easy access and quick action


Unify and Conquer Your Way to Success

See How a Unified Database Produced Greater Results in 7 Key Metrics

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[defined as]: Pulling relevant information from raw data and prioritizing it in ways that are most relevant for the organization or department that views it

Service Benefits

Success means different things to different businesses. For some, it’s achieving rapid growth; for others, it’s reducing churn. Custom reporting lets you define success and all the factors that contribute to it in ways that matter to your company. Our database management experts can also develop customized reports for every department and branch in your organization so key personnel get precisely the knowledge they need.

Sink your wells where the most relevant data is to drill deeply into KPIs
Organize data for ease of use
Sharpen your focus on key data sets while placing others in the background
Combine raw and derived data to produce real-time snapshots


Developing Your Data Management Playbook

Centralize, normalize and optimize your data.



[defined as]: A composite image of a customer made up of characteristics most closely correlated with buying decisions

Service Benefits

If you could build the perfect customer, what would that buyer look like? That’s what we do when we develop your ideal customer profile. We analyze sales history from your best customers and compare them to prospect records to pinpoint the areas where demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data overlap. Then, we generate ideal customer profiles as the footprint of your target, allowing us to clone records most likely to become your next customers. We can also build multiple ideal customer personas for even greater precision in targeting.

Discover the customer’s common characteristics and behaviors
Develop a clearer view of your audience without guesswork
Use data about your current best customers to find your future buyers
Evolve your ideal customer personas over time to reflect market shifts


From Automation to Revenue Performance Marketing

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[defined as:] Developing a representation of a concept and setting it in motion to observe the results

Service Benefits

In a complex system, it isn’t always possible to control every variable. With modeling, you’re able to distill an idea to its essence and see what happens to it as you adjust different variables. Modeling is a core component of a comprehensive marketing strategy, a way to experiment with different concepts and identify the underlying factors that unite audience segments or define buyer behavior. Our marketing models help you optimize future spend by revealing the impact of your marketing decisions on your bottom line.

Maximize your ROI and minimize effort with models
Get more value from historical data by using it to build and refine your models
Calculate marketing spend more precisely
Predict the impact of marketing decisions before you make them

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