You can only market effectively to prospects when you understand who they are. Getting to know them can be an arduous process, especially in digital environments where tech-savvy customers have become well aware of the value of their data. They only share it when they feel they’re getting a fair deal in exchange for it.

There’s a way to get to know them better through streamlined methods, though. Data enhancement fills in the blanks on customer records, giving you insight into prospects early in the buying journey. Another advantage of data enrichment is that it’s verified, providing you with better, cleaner data – not just more data. Let’s look at how a deeper understanding of your prospects through clean data enhances your marketing efficiency.

The Value of Accuracy

Programmers have a concise way to express the importance of good data: “garbage in, garbage out.” In other words, if your input isn’t accurate, you won’t come out with usable results or analytic. Data enhancement and data hygiene processes eliminate the “garbage in” so what comes out is valuable. Instead of flawed or distorted insights based on inaccurate data, you get a clear picture of your market and are better able to connect with every customer in it.

Optimized Segmentation

When you’re able to identify prospects and group them into segments, you’re better able to target them with relevant marketing messages. Data enhancement that fills in unknown contact information and completes demographic and firmographic backgrounds also helps you place leads into segments that make sense. Better segmentation also benefits customers by boosting relevance and reducing the amount of digital noise they hear.

Improved Customization

Once you know your leads better, you’re able to serve them more compelling content. That’s important throughout the buying journey as it determines the nurture track your leads will find themselves traveling. With lead scoring and behavioral data that’s also part of an integrated sales and marketing platform, your understanding of your leads can be better than ever before, leading to more precision and relevance in customization.

Better Customer Service

Great data isn’t just a benefit for you; it also makes your prospects happy. Because you know them better, you’re able to serve them more attractive content that reaches them right when they need it. You’re offering a better customer experience when you’re a better student of your prospects’ needs.